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Buzludzha VR experience - landscape imageiOS and Android mobile app UX designBuzludzha VR - Heritage preservation through immersive technologiesInteractive architectural visualisation of a living room.UX/UI design for iOS mobile app. Smart home thermostat (IOT)
Oil Rig - Health and safety training in virtual realityhospitality and retail visualisation in unreal engineInteractive bedroom visualisation in VROffice space visualisation in virtual reality (Unreal engine 4)Helicopter landing on an oil rig - virtual reality experience.
Buzludzha VR - interactive virtual reality experienceProperty visualisation in VRInteractive Oil Rig experience in Unreal EngineBedroom visualisation in virtual realityBuzludzha VR experience - interaction design - using inventory in virtual reality
Interactive educational VR experience - fetal explorer in virtual realityConcert hall - visualisation in VRVirtual reality walkthrough of an apartment hallwayRay-traced real-time visualisation of a kitchen in unreal engine 4.Interactive heritage experience for virtual reality
Visualisation of a bathroom in unreal engineVisualisation of a kitchen in unreal engine 4Headphone visualisation in augmented realityiOS and Android mobile app UX design for smart home (IOT) alarm systemReal time architectural visualisation of a bedroom in Unreal Engine 4


Best-in-class graphics and user experience are at the forefront of everything we do.

We are a team of immersive media designers and developers specialising in the creation of end-to-end digital products and visualisations that can be experienced on any device or screen.

Our human-centered design approach, combined with our drive to continuously adopt new technologies, helps us push the limits of interaction and real-time graphics.

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We help clients in multiple industries - from architecture to education and product design.

Immersive virtual worlds

We create compelling and immersive virtual worlds that blur the boundaries between the real and the virtual.

Heritage Preservation

We offer new and immersive ways of preserving and experiencing the world's cultural heritage sites.

Unbuild Infrastructure

Turn your blueprints and CAD models into fully explorable virtual reality environments.

Architectural visualisations

Give potential buyers an early chance to sense the physical space of your development. We can help you reach and exceed your business goals through our immersive visualisations powered by real-time technologies.

Configurable environments

Let your clients design the home of their dreams by easily customising its layout, furniture, and finishes in real-time.

Real-time walkthroughs

Allow clients to freely walk around a virtual space and explore it intuitively, at their own pace, from anywhere.

Interactive training

Place your employees into interactive virtual reality training simulations to reduce cost, while improving safety and effectiveness.

Complete learning modules

Virtual reality training improves long-term skill retention compared to traditional Computer-based training.

Reduce time & cost

Prevent costly mistakes and improve safety by placing your employees in virtually simulated, hazardous scenarios.

Immersive education

Our virtual and augmented reality solutions are transforming the way we learn, and offer significant advantages over classroom or online learning.

Increase engagement

We enhance student engagement and understanding of the learning material through interaction.

IMPROVE knowledge retention

Establishing a sense of presence helps improve comprehension and long-term knowledge retention.

User Experience design

We turn complex, multifaceted problems into easy to understand, accessible and usable solutions that deliver a great customer experience.

Mobile & Web Design

We help startups and large organisations design scalable mobile apps and websites that stand out.

UX/UI Consulting

We can audit your existing digital products and solve UX problems through Human-Centered Design approach.

Buzludzha VR experience cover artwork

Transforming immersive education. Meet Buzludzha VR.

Embark on an immersive virtual reality adventure and discover how we've reimagined one of Europe’s most iconic abandoned structures.

Available for HTC Vive, Vive Pro, Cosmos, Valve Index, Oculus Rift, Rift S, Pimax 8K, Oculus Quest through OculusLink.
The attention to detail is a testament to the passion behind this project and provides insentive to thoroughly inspect every nook and cranny of the structure for things to see and do.
On paper it looks like a stroll around an odd looking building but it really ends up being a story about how a source of national pride can be stripped for parts two decades later.
This is probably the most amazing architectural model I have discovered in VR yet. What an achievement. This is just mind-bogglingly artistic, thorough modelling.

Learn more:  BuzludzhaVR.com

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